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Distribute Your Legacy (#7 in Financial Independence Series)

Here is the final crucial element in obtaining financial independence:

7.  Distribute your legacy.

Being in the stage of parenting adult children, I’m realizing more and more the truth of the statement “more is caught then taught”.  It’s interesting to watch my kids do the things I did, not the things I told them to do.  I often see them doing what I modeled.  Fortunately, most of what I modeled was acceptable and good.

The final principle of financial independence that I want to share with you is the importance of distributing your legacy.  Share your success.  Is there someone you are mentoring, not necessarily for profit, and teaching them the principles you’ve discovered through trial, error and hard work?  Are you passing those principles on to someone else so they don’t make the same mistakes?

Multiple times in the book of Proverbs, young men (and women) are urged to incline (or bow down) their ears and hear the words of wisdom from someone older and more experienced who is trying to share that wisdom with them.  Younger people need to stop and be willing to listen, but there must also be those willing to teach them.            

If you have, or are working to achieve, financial independence, be willing to distribute your legacy.  Share your success.  Give generously to others.  Mentor and teach the younger generations.  Be a role model both in word and practice.  Remember, far more is caught than taught.

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