What Are You Full Of?

What Are You Full Of?

            Every real estate investor, entrepreneur, business owner – in fact, every person – is full of something. What you are full of determines what you cannot contain. For example, if you are full of enthusiasm and gratitude, you can’t be full of entitlement and cynicism.

            As you are developing your real estate investing playbook, ask yourself this question: What am I full of? The answer will determine what type of deals, if any, you will be doing. If you’re full of a sense of entitlement and have bought into the myth that you can sit at a computer in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers, push a few buttons, copy and paste, attach and email, and make money in real estate, you have developed an entitlement mentality and are probably unwilling to do the necessary hard work it takes to succeed in the business of being a real estate entrepreneur.

            If, however, you become full of the belief that nobody owes you anything, and everything you have is a blessing from God because He has equipped you to go out and work and earn, your attitude every day will be radically different than if you are full of entitlement, cynicism, greed, or a host of other conditions that make people unpleasant.

            Obviously, we are all different and are not going to be filled with the same feelings, emotions and attitudes, but we can all have positive, healthy things that fill us and help us fulfill our goals and dreams.

            Look at yourself in the mirror and decide what it is that you choose to be full of. What do you choose to embrace, take in and adopt in order to achieve the things you are striving for?