Spinning Your Wheels

Spinning Your Wheels

I see this happen all too frequently.  An investor, entrepreneur, business owner, or real estate agent or broker ends up spinning his or her wheels for 2 or 3 hours trying to find someone who can answer a relatively common legal question, but they don’t have quick access to a resource that allows them to do that.  I’m not referring to someone who is trying to get an answer to a technical question, like investing with a self-directed retirement account or forming an LLC in conjunction with a real estate transaction.  I’m referring to basic and recurring questions that are asked by business owners as they are starting up or branching out into new areas.

Here’s what I’m seeing.  I’m seeing people posting questions in various social media forums hoping to get advice from nonlawyers, or they are spending several hours googling the question and reading the information they find to try to understand statutes, regulations and case law.  In short, they are spinning their wheels.

I have found a solution that will address the issues raised in this post and previous ones relative to getting competent counsel to prepare life-essential documents and answer a variety of legal questions you may have about starting a business, employment concerns and many other things.  That solution can be found by CLICKING HERE.

I do not receive any financial compensation for making this suggestion, but I’ve seen entrepreneurs and investors who have this resource get answers to common questions they have.  This frees them from spinning their wheels so they can move on to the more important stuff, the kind of stuff for which they contact me.

A low monthly subscription can give you quick online access to a portal that allows you to create the life-essential documents I’ve mentioned (Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Financial Power of Attorney) that are appropriate for the state in which you live.  This removes many of the cumbersome delays that often accompany having these documents created, especially in cases where time is of the essence.

Please check out the resources available HERE. Remember, I receive no direct or indirect compensation for pointing you toward this resource.